COVID-19 Response

Bangladesh along with other 187 countries all over the world is struggling to manage the global crisis, COVID-19. The situation is going worse day by day. Along with the government, the NGOs’ are also playing an active role within their ability in Corona (COVID-19) pandemic. The member organizations of ADAB are working extensively with their own funds in this disaster. They are raising awareness at the grassroots level using Community Radio, distribution of Leaflet, hanging Banner & Billboard. They also establishing hand wash point, spraying disinfectant in different places as well as providing emergency foods to the unemployed and poor families on a regular basis. Apart from this, huge cash supports and relief goods have also been given to the Local administration.

CORONA Response of ADAB MOs' as on 17 May 2020:

  • Cash Support to District & Upazilla Admin. 5176597.00
  • Cash Donation to the PM Office: 5820937.00
  • Cash Support at vulnerable families: 8,44,23,108.00
  • Emergency food distribution: 93,989 families.
  • Packet lunch/Dinner distribution: 13,841 persons.
  • Leaflet distribution: 18,15,759
  • Face Mask distribution: 5,49,833
  • Hand Senitizer distribution: 65,902
  • Soap Distribution: 3,29,640
  • Detergent/Bleaching Powder distribution: 5002 KG
  • Hand wash point setting up: 1294 places
  • Banner, Festoon, Billboard setting up: 2822 places
  • Hygiene Kit Distribution: 36,778 Family,
  • Hand Goves: 15427 pr.
  • Bucket & Spry Machine: 1480
  • PPE: 4817 nos

Apart from this, 16 (Sixteen) different Community Radio including Radio Sagargiri of YPSA in Chittagong, Radio Sagardwip of Dwip Unnayan Sangstha in Hatiya, Radio Padma of Center for Communication Development in Rajshahi, Radio Mohananda of Proyas Manabik Unnayan Sangstha in Chapainowabgang, Radio Boral of Secchasebee Bohumukhi Mohila Somaj Kallayan Sangstha in Rajshahi, Radio Lok Betar of Community Based Development Program in Barguna, Radio Naf of ACLAB in Cox’sbazar, Radio Jenuk of Srezony Foundation in Jhenaidah and Radio Sarabela of SKS Foundation in Gaibandha is broadcasting update news and awareness massage on Corona prevention regularly.

Besides, some NGOs are engaged in spreading bleaching powder in different Municipality and village markets. NGOs clinic and health centers are providing health advice and medical support regularly as well as initiated telemedicine services also.

DESHA at Kushtia allocated 25 rooms of DESHA tower for accommodation for the doctors engaged in corona treatment.

GUK, Gaibabdha is broadcasting awareness messages through Online Television Channel “ Prantic” and disseminating using local newspapers and Social Media.

SKS Foundation Gaibandha has already initiated a 100 bedded isolation center in Ansar VDP Building in Gaibandha.

Uttaran, Satkhera has provided Medical kit to the different hospitals including Goggles, Oxygen Flowmeter, Liquid soap, Sanitary Pad, Nebulizer Machine, Oxygen Cylinder and Spray Machine etc.

Caritas Bangladesh provided emergency health kits including Thermal scanner, surgical gloves, Goggles,  Surgical mask, Gown, Sanitizer,  Bio-hazard bag, Safety box, Liquid Soap Tissue box Torchlight to different Hospital. And delivering Corona prevention messages using mobile phone SMS as well.

Some organization is also involved in awareness rising by miking, and also distributing first aid medicine to the vulnerable people.


  • Leaflet, Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Soap distribution will be continued on a regular basis. Hand wash point will be set up in more places
  • Emergency food distribution to the vulnerable families will be continued according to the fund availability.
  • Cooperation and Coordination support will be a regular basis with food distribution activities under the Government.
  • Different development friends are being contacted from ADAB to seek their support regarding Corona prevention as well as other related assistance mainly food for the poorer segment.
  • Concerned Ministry and GOB high officials are being communicated for ensuring stimulus packages for NGOs and CSOs in COVID 19 context as well as seeking greater cooperation and coordination in COVID-19 response.