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This page contains the information regarding publication of ADAB. The publications are ADAB Annual Report, Newsletter etc. One can view or download the publications from this page. The publication list is given below. Please click on the link to download/view the publication:


The Publication List of ADAB

External Evaluation of the ADAB Project ā€œStrengthening the Role of NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for People Centered and Sustainable Development Continuationā€


Quarterly Newsletter-25 (April - June 2022)
Quarterly Newsletter-24 (January - March 2022)
Quarterly Newsletter-23 (October - December 2021)
Quarterly Newsletter-22 (January - March 2020)
Quarterly Newsletter-21 (July - September 2019)
Quarterly Newsletter-20 (April - June 2019)
Quarterly Newsletter-19 (January - March 2019)
Quarterly Newsletter-18 (October - December 2018)
Quarterly Newsletter-17 (July - September 2018)
Quarterly Newsletter-16 (April - June 2018)
Quarterly Newsletter-15 (January - March 2018)
Quarterly Newsletter-14 (October - December 2017)
Quarterly Newsletter-13 (July - September 2017
Quarterly Newsletter-12 (April - June 2017)
Quarterly Newsletter-11 (January - March 2017)
Quarterly Newsletter-10 (July-September 2016)
Quarterly Newsletter-09 (April-June 2016)

Quarterly Newsletter-08 (January-March 2016)


Annual Report 2019-2020
Annual Report 2012-2013
Annual Report 2011-2012


ADAB Strategic Plan 2019-2023