DG NGOAB has been welcomed by the ADAB Leaders at Rajshahi:

The Director General of NGO Affairs Bureau Md. Abdus Salam visited the Rajshahi zone on a two-day visit for exchanging views with the NGOs of Rajshahi. It was the first visit of Md. Abdus Salam at Rajshahi after joining NGOAB as DG. During his visit on 26th September 2018, chairman of ADAB Rajshahi District, Nure Jannat Mitu welcomed him on behalf of Rajshahi ADAB District branch at Rajshahi Airport. ADAB Executive Committee member Md. Hasinul Islam Chunnu along with other leaders of ADAB Rajshahi region were present at the time.

The Member Secretary of ADAB Rajshahi district RK Datta Rupon, member Md. Abul Bashar Paltu, Md. Mohsin Ali, former member Tahera Khatun, ADAB Regional Coordinator KM Obaidur Rahman Jewel and officials of Shachetan were also present there.

DG NGOAB welcomed by ADAB leaders


Member of ADAB Executive Committee, Md. Hasinul Islam Chunnu introduced the ADAB leaders of Rajshahi region with the Director General of NGO Affairs Bureau, Md. Abdus Salam. A short briefing has also been given by the ADAB leaders on various activities of ADAB at Rajshahi and discussed on other relevant issues.