Welcome to ADAB

ADAB is the leading and largest NGO network in Bangladesh. ADAB mainly coordinates the local and national NGOs who are engaged in development works in Bangladesh and provides strategic help to enhance the efficiency of its member organizations.

ADAB was formed in 1974. In its long journey, in every stage ADAB has duly acted as the time demanded to safeguard and greater interest of its member organizations. To meet the demand of time and soul searching endeavors ADAB’s objective and strategy has to be reassessed in different stages.

Logo of ADAB

ADAB acted as coordinating body promoting friendly relationship and the commonality of purpose among various NGOs operating in Bangladesh, assist small and nascent local NGOs, form them into a national network of regional chapters, exchange of views and experiences, extending areas of cooperation, abolishing overlapping of working areas, developing institutional efficiency, maintaining liaison with Government and international donor agencies, mass media, grass-root people’s organizations and civil society are some of the areas in which ADAB is active from the very beginning.  



Over the last four decades existence, gradually ADAB has established itself as the unique, largest and leading coordinating body of the NGOs in Bangladesh. ADAB is committed to decentralize its role through developing ADAB districts branches and providing support to the sectoral bodies and networks. It is worth mentioning that by this time sector based forum and issue based NGO network have been developed by direct and indirect assistance of ADAB. In fact, at present context ADAB’s role is to enhance coordination of NGO sector with the other sectors of civil society and in the greater national perspective to play greater role in empowerment of the poor, promoting good governance, democratization of society and sustainable development.

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